orum International de l'Innovation Sociale

International Forum for Social Innovation

Created in 1976, the Forum International de l'Innovation Sociale (the Forum) is an international non-profit association whose aim is to promote social innovation in private and public institutions.  "Social innovation" means the ability to innovate in terms of social behaviors, whether  personal or professional.  The term also implies the capacity to envision options other than repetition and reproduction of past behavior.  The term focuses on the ability to transform roles and, thereby, on the ability to contribute to the transformation of institutions themselves.

In this context, "institution" designates organizations of all kinds, including the end products that they generate, the factual and mythical histories that underlie them, the implicit and explicit rules that govern them, the conscious and unconscious emotional life that sustains them, and, in general, everything that keeps them alive and in existence.

The Forum's paradigms stress the function of participants' roles in the transformation of institutions and takes into account the psychic aspects of institutional life, especially those that are unconscious.  One guiding principle is that evolution in behaviors takes place through work or reflection on mental images, systems-in-the-mind, fantasies, myths, feelings, sensations, and anxieties that are common components of life in any institution.  Transformation cannot take place without anxieties and crisis.

The Forum's focus on Institutional Transformation and a deeper understanding of its requirements and rewards regularly holds an international frame of reference.  In fact, it  employs the conscious and unconscious expression of diversity in languages and cultures as a resource, often underused, that is to be valued.

The Forum is both a permanent institution, devoted to transformation, as well as a place of transit, where it is possible to work individually and collectively in the "here and now" towards the transformation of roles and institutions.  The diversity of the origins and experience of the Forum's members and staff constitute a rich resource.  The Forum intends to utilize this complex resource in its efforts to meet the high demands it makes of itself as an international institution in transformation.

In concrete terms, since 1978, the principal activity of the Forum has consisted in organizing an annual, international, trilingual (French, English, Spanish) conference on the themes of authority, leadership, and transformation.  The conference takes place each spring in France, although the Forum has sponsored and participated in numerous conferences organized at other times in many other countries.

The Forum maintains contact and collaborates with other organizations and institutions dedicated to the same principles.

At either address below, you may request further information about the study of groups, institutions, and social systems as whole, living organizations and about work and social roles within modern institutions.

60, rue de Bellechasse
75007 Paris, FRANCE


Téléphone - Phone: + (33 1)  4541 3949 (from countries other than France - hors France)

+ (33)  01 4541 3949 (from within France - en France)
E-mail: ifsi.fiis@wanadoo.fr

For information about similar conferences in the United States, contact:

Heidi Moser, National Office Administrator
A. K. Rice Institute National Office

818 SW 3rd #221-3660
Portland OR 97204
United States of America


Phone - Téléphone: + (1  360)  539 5867 (from all countries)
E-mail: admin@akriceinstitute.org (from all countries)

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